Sustainable Fashion

Can I go a whole year without buying any new clothes?

At the beginning of January I decided that I wasn’t going to buy any new clothes for a whole year. Instead I would make better use of charity and second hand shops, mend items I already have, and borrow/swap clothes with friends. I’ve got a friend who is also doing this with me.

 My reasons to stop shopping were:

The environmental costs of clothing production 

According to Sustain Your Style the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world after the oil. It accounts for 20% of industrial water pollution globally and 8% of greenhouse emissions. The amount of water needed to produce an item of clothing is considerable. It takes 200,00 liters to produce just 1kg of cotton.

The inhumane conditions that face many of the workers in the supply chain 

Many of our garments are produced in countries where workers rights are limited. Workers are often forced to work 16 hour days at a minimum wage. Child labour is particularly an issue. The International Labour Organisation estimates that there are 152 million victims of child labour, with many working in the fashion supply chain.

Money saving  

Like many millennials I’m trying to save up for a house and the piggy bank didn’t seem to be gaining much weight!  

So far, I’ve done pretty well and haven’t bought a single item of clothing. Although, the fact that all the clothing shops are closed at the moment has played quite a big part! I’ve created a Depop account (App for buying/selling preloved clothes) and have also repaired an old jumper. I’ve also been lucky enough to have been given some pre-loved items by friends.

I have also tried to limit temptation by deleting emails from fashion brands, unsubscribing from their mailing lists and blocking clothing ads on social media. I’m also throwing all clothing catalogues straight into the recycling bin.

I’d love to know if you’re doing anything similar. Rosie

6 thoughts on “Sustainable Fashion

  1. Yessss!! I love this 2020 goal and it is something I try implement now too. I barely ever buy new clothing and tend to go to charity shops for the rare times I want a piece. My only exception is gym clothing which I allow myself to buy a few bits throughout the year. Thank you for sharing Rosalyn!

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  2. Very interesting idea! I am the person, who buys something only when I need it. I don’t like to shop because of shopping because anyway 80% we are throwing away in the earliest future!!! And I would say, that we all need to do at least this – buy only that we need. Nothing more! And with small steps we could reach large things!

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